Founded in 1986, Alianza Metropolitan News, a print and online community newspaper, and 100% owned by Hispanic Woman since 14 years. From 2006 to date, Alianza News has won 70 national awards for Excellence in Journalism from the National Association of Hispanic Publications; New America Media and GLADD National Media Award.

Alianza News, a bilingual newspaper, with Spanish and English content, that serves different Latino generations. Editorially, Alianza News covers Local news in the Bay Area with our own local reporters; State and National News, Education, Politics, technology, Immigration, Health, Sports and Entertainment related to the Hispanic community.

Our distribution is the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically in Santa Clara, San Francisco and Alameda Counties. Alianza News headquarters is located in Silicon Valley with its office located in the city of San Jose.

At Alianza News we believe in diversity, inclusion and equality, and we demonstrate it in different ways: in the staff who collaborate in our newspaper and in the topics we cover, which really affect and are of interest to the Hispanic community in the Bay Area.

Alianza News is uniquely different in its articles and editorial content. we have talented writers and great ideas to reach the Hispanic community.


In 2019: Alianza News and La Movida Magazine won 1 Gold Award, 1 Primero Award, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze at the José Martí National Contest in San José, California, held by the National Association of Hispanic Publications, NAHP.

2019 Silver Award, NAHP: Alianza News, report: Will the criminal paradise end? by Rossana Drumond.

2019 Bronze Award, NAHP: Alianza News, Editorial

“The Rights of Dreamers and supporting DACA ” by Rossana Drumond.


In 2018, Alianza News and La Movida Magazine won 7 awards: 2 Gold, 1 Primero Award, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze Awards at the José Martí National Contest in Las Vegas, Nevada, held by the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

2018 Gold Award, NAHP: Alianza News, Outstanding Journalism, “Domestic Violence, the least reported crime” by Rossana Drumond.

2018 Silver Award, NAHP: Alianza News, Editorial Column “We have to defend the Dreamers” by Rossana Drumond.

Our team of writers are Journalists, Sociologists, Teachers, Investigative Journalists and professionals who love the journalistic work.



Publisher, Alianza News and La Movida Magazine –

San Jose, California.

Rossana Drumond is a national award-winning journalist in investigative and community reporting. For 14 years she has been the publisher of Alianza Metropolitan News. Under her editorial direction, Alianza News received more than 70 national awards. She produces a newspaper and magazine that are interesting, relevant, credible and current. As a result, they have maintained and increased readers.

Rossana Drumond is a journalist by profession from the Jaime Bausate y Meza University of Journalism in Peru.

2019, Rossana Drumond won the Silver Award, NAHP: Alianza News, report: Will the criminal paradise end.?

In 2018, Rossana Drumond won the Gold Award in the national Journalism competition Jose Marti, NAHP, for her report “Domestic Violence, the least reported crime”, which is the highest recognition given to the editorial content.

In 2017, Rossana Drumond won the national prestigious “The Publisher of the Year” award, in recognition of her outstanding work and leadership in journalism.

In 2016, Rossana Drumond received the “Business Person of the Year” award from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Agrupación de Comerciantes del Norte de California). The recognition from the Hispanic Chamber is for her “Hard Work, Enthusiasm, Commitment to Excellence and for being a Role Model for Hispanic Businesses.”

In her career as a journalist, Rossana won first place in “Outstanding Multiple Article Series: “Public Education, Teacher of the Year” from NAHP and second place for her political editorial titled, “Ignorancia o Desconocimiento.” Likewise, she won the Bronze award for the political article “The Great Debt of the Mexican Government” and 2017: “¡Vamos a Votar!”, among other journalism awards.



Local Reporter

Verónica Meza earned a bachelor’s degree in literature and drama from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with additional study at The National Institute of Arts (INBA) in Mexico, and received an M.A. in Spanish Education from Bennington College.

Verónica is a writer of the cultural and education sections in Alianza Metropolitan News and has been recognized from The National Association of Hispanic Publications-NAHP- with a Golden award in 2009 in the Education category for the article “GED Classes in Spanish,” and a First Place for “El Alzheimer en la Comunidad Latina” in 2015, among others.

In 2003, she created Teatro Nahual, a Spanish-language theatre in Santa Clara County. In 2012, Verónica directed Teatro Nahual actors in Internet episodes of her story Mirela, about Alzheimer’s caregivers produced by Photozig in collaboration with Stanford University and National Institute of Aging. She also wrote and directed two Apps in English and Spanish about the Alzheimer. Verónica is the Spanish Department Chair at The Girls’ Middle School.

She received the Friedel and Otto Eberspacher Award for Excellence in the Teaching of a Modern Western European Language 2020 from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY.)



Rocio Olvera has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Sacramento State University. Her interests and work experience include working as a behavioral therapist for autistic children, caregiver for the elderly and disabled, Spanish-English Medical Interpreter, and research assistant for UC Davis Medical Center in its “Motivating Our Mothers (MOM)” depression-screening project.

In her recent years, she authors a Neuroscience column in Alianza Metropolitan News.

As an undergraduate student, she was part of a psychology research lab as well as the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program where she conducted her own research investigating dietary influences on mental wellbeing. Now commencing her third year as a doctoral student, Rocio was awarded the very prestigious Graduate Research fellowship by the National Science Foundation to support her work in studying neural mechanisms responsible for visually-guided behavior in the mouse.


Local Reporter

Mariana Phipps is a bilingual storyteller with a passion for writing about and for the Latino community. Mariana writes Local news about the Hispanics in the Bay Area, on topics of Finance, Technology and Health in Alianza Metropolitan News.

She has more than 14 years of experience with multi-industry companies ranging from Fortune 100, 200, 500 & 1000, agency and nonprofit. She has held national and international roles. She is known for achieving: media relations, internal communications, social media, visual communications (infographics) technical writing, SEO content writing, executive communications, and crisis communications. She is a proficient English-Spanish translator and digital-analytics savvy.


Social Media / Alianza Digital

Elizabeth Rojas is a specialist in online marketing and social media, with extensive experience in different projects. Elizabeth is passionate about new technologies and the possibilities offered by social networks. She has created and carried out various marketing campaigns, exploring new ways in this field for the optimization of results.

Elizabeth has recently collaborated with Alianza News and is in charge of social Media and Alianza News Digital. Elizabeth has experience in the development of digital media. She believes that new technologies in traditional media have consolidated a new way of conceiving communication and relationships with audiences.


Graphic Art Director

Alfonso Ramirez joined Alianza Metropolitan News in 2008. He is a Graphic Designer with an experience of 33 years. Working as a Graphic Art Director for Alianza Metropolitan News, La Movida Magazine and Enfoque Magazine, obtaining several awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publication – NAHP in the category of Outstanding Design.

Thanks to their excellent design work, Alianza Metropolitan News, La Movida Magazine and Enfoque Magazine have been awarded each year by different journalism organizations.


Local Reporter

Manuel Ortiz is a national award-winning digital journalist, social researcher and professor with more than 16 years’ experience in issues concerning social justice, technology and society as well as labor and environmental migration in different countries like Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Cuba, Bolivia, El Salvador, Japan and France. He had taught Sociology, Multimedia and Communication at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where he was the director and founder of the Multimedia Laboratory for Social Research. He has also taught documentary multimedia workshops and talks at the Santa Clara State University; Loyola University, News Orleans; Stanford University.

Manuel Ortiz collaborates with Alianza Metropolitan News writing local stories about the most vulnerable people, social justice and politics. Manuel has won several awards in political editorials and community reports for Alianza News.

Ortiz has a BA in Sociology and MD in Documentary Filmmaking.


Sports Editor

Sergio Estrada joined Alianza Metropolitan News in 2013 and is currently our Sports Editor and Senior Photographer. A 2003 Graphic Design graduate of Brooks College, Sergio is also an 8-time Addy Award winner. Sergio Estrada has photographed every major sport including NFL, MLB, NBA, and professional soccer events, and most recently the 2019 NBA Finals.

Sergio has won for Alianza Metropolitan News on several occasions the Gold Award for the best photography in the Sports category in the Jose Marti national contest of the National Association of Hispanic Publication.