Due to improving weather, the number of customers who might be affected by this PSPS has been reduced to about 6,200 customers in 11 counties systemwide. Here is the latest breakdown of potentially affected customers by county:

  • Butte:  768 customers, 69 Medical Baseline customers
  • Colusa: 553 customers, 38 Medical Baseline customers
  • Glenn: 376 customers, 22 Medical Baseline customers
  • Kern: 664 customers, 34 Medical Baseline customers
  • Lake: 94 customers, 3 Medical Baseline customers
  • Napa: 468 customers, 22 Medical Baseline customers
  • Shasta: 721 customers, 53 Medical Baseline customers
  • Solano: 1,026 customers, 72 Medical Baseline customers
  • Sonoma: 127 customers, 3 Medical Baseline customers
  • Tehama: 1,227 customers, 126 Medical Baseline
  • Yolo: 250 customers, 5 Medical Baseline customers

Our meteorologists continue to monitor a potential weather system that could bring dry and gusty winds to parts of the company’s service area beginning Thursday (Oct. 14) morning. According to the latest forecast, the scope of this PSPS has decreased. Today, we issued notifications to approximately 16,000 customers in targeted portions of 12 counties. This potential PSPS event does appear to be weaker than the Monday event but will still result in critical fire weather conditions across the northern Sierra, western Sacramento Valley and portions of the elevated Bay Area as well as portions of the far South. Please refer to the attached news release for details.

With the potential PSPS event one day away, conditions may change. PG&E will share additional customer notifications as conditions evolve. Please encourage your audiences to visit www.pge.com/pspsupdates to find out if they will be impacted by tomorrow’s event. Here is the vanity URLs for your information.